Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Is There a Right Way to Give Birth?

I'm not sure if there is a word to describe the religious philosophy whereby a person believes that some aspects of life on earth are spiritual and others are physical. In other words, some choices that we make are of no eternal significance and therefore there is no need to consult the law-word of God in making such decisions. It doesn't matter one way or the other, God doesn't care, and the Bible could give us no guidance in that area. It is a type of dualism, I suppose, crossing over into gnosticism, the belief that God just isn't concerned or involved in the physical world.

I don't hold to the gnostic worldview, although I would never try to define the proper amount of reflection and deliberation that should go into which color to paint the bathroom versus whether or not the family should make a move to another country. To me, my faith, my beliefs and my submission to God require that I not make a mockery of truth by living as if I don't really believe the things I claim.

What does this have to do with childbirth? As a creationist, one who believes that God created the universe and mankind in particular with purpose and with a specific design, I cannot look at things like childbirth as being some flawed, random process. I don't look at modern medical doctors as being experts on design or wellness, because all of their training is directed at disease and dysfunction. What causes a healthy women who becomes pregnant to immediately turn herself over to an expert on disease? How does this mesh with the belief that a woman's body and the normal physiological functions of her body are designed by God?

Obviously, because of the fall, a pregnant body can become a diseased body. The normal physiological function of giving birth can be interrupted or obstructed in some way. But those cases are abnormal. Statistically, they are rare. Like breathing, like digestions, like elimination, birth happens. We don't go to the hospital to have bowel movements unless a problem presents. We don't keep oxygen tanks and defibrillators in our homes "just in case." To make regular visits to a man (or woman) who views you as diseased and a disaster just waiting to happen is asking for trouble.  Why don't we all go down to our local imaging center and get CT scans of our entire bodies every year? First, because it is expensive and second because we know that if we look hard enough, we will find something. And nothing will be gained from that process. We know that if something is truly wrong, we will develop symptoms and seek expert advice at that point.

So trusting childbirth is trusting God. It is trusting His design. Trust is revealed in behaviors and choices. Just as faith is revealed by works. Just saying that you trust God is not trusting God. If everything you do while pregnant and giving birth is a display of not trusting God, then you probably don't trust.

Perhaps you didn't see this coming, but now I'm going to talk about patriarchy and a man who rules his house well. God has placed men in the primary position of authority and protection over his wife/wives and children, including unborn children. How much research does the average husband do before turning over the care of his family to a medical doctor during pregnancy? How does their risk of injury or death change by entrusting them to hospital care? Does he enjoy sex with his wife? Does he want his wife to continue to enjoy sex with him? Does he know how often his wife's doctor mutilates the genitals of his patients in the process of what he would call a "natural" birth? Does he know that having a c-section increases his wife's chances of dying by 10 times? Does he know that use of pitocin to induce or augment labor increases the chances of a c-section? Does he know that in some hospitals, nearly 100% of birthing women get pitocin? Does he know that epidural anesthesia increases the risk of having a c-section? Does he know that if he takes his wife to the hospital for birth that he is relinquishing their rights to make decisions about what happens? Sure, they have the so-called right to informed consent, but any disagreement with doctors or hospitals can result in a call to CPS, which can result in court-ordered surgery and/or loss of custody. Don't believe me. Do your own research.

If you buy the hospital ticket, you will get the hospital ride.

If God designed women to give birth and God says that children are a blessing and the man is happy who has his quiver full of them, then why do we have an epidemic of c-sections, hysterectomies, organ prolapse, incontinent, frigid women and families who are wiped out by medical bills? It isn't because childbirth is dangerous. It is because we don't think the decisions about where and how to give birth are faith-based decisions and we trust the medical/drug industry more than we trust the Creator. Womb to the tomb, they direct our destiny.

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