Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sexual Desire - Evil? or Reason to Marry?

Ever the student of the biblical manner in which men and women should become husbands and wives, I sometimes speak with other parents about what they are doing in this area and why. It has come to my attention that there are fathers who will absolutely exclude as potential husbands for their daughters any young men who have viewed porn. Even once.

Being sometimes emotional, my first thought was that these men are apparently not all that concerned about whether their daughters marry at all, since they have rather off-handedly excluded a huge number of young Christian men from the pool. And what, exactly, would be the explanation for this exclusion? How is it a worse sin to lust after a woman who is clothed than to lust after one who is not clothed? I mean, don't these men realize that any young men asking to marry their daughters have likely lusted, in their hearts, after those young women? Personally, I would say that is a good reason to pursue marrying, rather than not. As Douglas Wilson so aptly describes in his book Her Hand In Marriage when a young man comes courting, what he is really asking is to have a sexual relationship with your daughter.

And I have found another blogger who agrees with me and is not afraid to use the Bible to make his point! In this 3 part series on pornography, you may be lead to think of lusting in a different way than you have been taught to previously by some worldly screeching from the pulpit. Please take the time to read these and comment here and there.

Combating Pornography I - To Avoid Fornication

Pornography II - The Married Man

Pornography III - Hear, Oh My Son, the Instruction of a Father

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